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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Listening To Your Writing Dreams

“Ideas are all around you - everything gives you ideas. But the real source is the part of your brain that dreams.” – Bruce Coville

Born in Syracuse, NY on this date in 1950, Coville is primarily a Young Adult author, although he has more than 100 titles to his name in virtually all genres ranging from children’s books to adult.   And, he has served as an editor and sometime writer for magazines serving retirees.

Coville said he first started thinking about becoming a writer when he was in 6th grade, inspired by a writing assignment to create a “long story.”  He said he loved the assignment and decided this might be the career for him.     He started working seriously at the writing profession when he was 17.    “Like most people, I was not able to start selling my stories right away,” he said.   “So I had many other jobs along the way to becoming a writer, including toy maker, gravedigger, cookware salesman, assembly line worker, and elementary school teacher.”   

He is the winner of numerous writing awards, including the "Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People" (awarded by the New York Library Association).  Among his most popular books are Into The Land of the Unicorns and the My Teacher Is An Alien series.  While he said he sometimes feels pressure, he rarely hesitates to dive into a writing project.  “If you don’t jump,” he said,  “the wings never come.”

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