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Friday, May 10, 2019

Making Reading Fun

“I love writing and do not know why it is considered such a difficult, agonizing profession.” – Caroline B. Cooney

Born in Geneva, NY, on this date in 1947, Cooney has authored 78 books (and counting) in a wide range of genres, including suspense, romance, horror, and mystery – primarily for young adults.   Now a resident of South Carolina, she studied at the University of Indiana, then went into the nursing program at Massachusetts General Hospital before getting into the writing field.

I went to several colleges,” she said.  “I’m still going to college! I love taking classes; I still daydream more than I listen, but (I) graduated from none.”  She said she thought from the 6th grade on that she might want to be a writer, but her early attempts met with failure.  She wrote 8 historical fiction books, but none were published.  And then she started writing books for young people and hit her stride.  
                                          After several short stories, she broke into the book market with her 1979 novel Safe As The Grave, starting her remarkable string of book successes.  Her latest is Daddy’s Little Toy, just out on the market.   One of her best known, also adapted as a TV movie, is The Face on the Milk Carton.
“I get letters from readers who say that they have always hated reading, but somebody suggested one of my books, they actually finished the book and enjoyed it, and they're going on to read another book. I'm thrilled that they have figured out that reading is fun.”

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