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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Keeping storytelling alert

“I think stories do have an ending. I think they need to have an ending eventually because that is a story: a beginning, middle and end. If you draw out the end too long, I think storytelling can get tired.” – Melissa Rosenberg

Born on this date in 1962, Rosenberg is an American screenwriter who has won Emmys, Writers Guild of America and Peabody Awards for her work in both film and television. 

A California native, she started writing plays as a child, getting neighborhood kids to perform them and planting the writing bug that continued on through adulthood.  After studying and working in New York, she moved back to California, graduated from the University of Southern California and began her screenwriting career.

Among her successes were the immensely successful TV series Dexter and The Twilight Saga; episodes of many other sitcoms and drama series; and the dance movie Step Up.  In recent years she has become a strong advocate for writing                                        
 in the schools, particularly helping young
 girls develop skills that can be used for later careers such as her own.

“I am involved with 'Write Girl,' which is such a great organization, because they go into inner city schools and work with underprivileged girls to pair them up with other writers,” she said.   “And it gets them learning to express themselves and become familiar with their own voice. They have a 100% success ratio getting those girls into college.”

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