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Monday, August 1, 2016

Milestone Achieved - A Writer's Moment

 Today marks the 731st consecutive entry – two full years (including this leap year's "extra" day) – of producing entries for “A Writer’s Moment.”  The readership continues to grow, a sign I think that the vignettes I am choosing about writers, their successes, and the words they have to share are both inspirational and enjoyable.   

And, it has been a shot in the arm for my own writing, too.  As I’ve learned more about other writers’ lives and their works, it’s both encouraged and inspired me in moving forward with the writings I want to do.

For those blog readers who also are writers and might be similarly inspired, keep at it.  Writers need to encourage other writers as much as they need to hear words of affirmation from the reading public, or from those who do reviews.  For those who are reading simply for entertainment or to learn more about writers’ lives and what they have to say, thank you. And thanks for telling others.

And now, on to Year 3.  Many, many writer’s moments are waiting to be shared.

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