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Friday, April 22, 2016

Celebrate our Earth

On this Earth Day, a few statements worth pondering from three wonderful writers.  While they wrote or write in different genres for different audiences, each has shared a love for the 
land and care for our resources.               

A recent photo of The Old Man's Wrinkles, a rock formation near Keystone in the Black Hills  

“We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive.” – Chief Dan George

“There are places which exist in this world beyond the reach of imagination.” – Daniel J. Rice, This Side of a Wilderness

“It seems to me nothing man has done or built on this land is an improvement over what was here before.” – Kent Haruf, West of Last Chance

So, Happy Earth Day everyone.  Take a few minutes to do even the simplest things to help save our earth.  Pick up a few scraps of paper.  Drive just a few miles less.  Preserve a single glass of water, or contribute to a fund working on behalf of bringing clean, safe water to remote parts of our globe.  Each of us has a part to play, and if you are among those who can communicate to others through your words, today would be a wonderful day to share some of those words on the earth’s behalf.  She is, after all, the only place we have on which to reside.

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