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Monday, April 25, 2016

Find a way; tell the story

“I've always believed that a good twist is one that, when it is presented to the audience, half of them say, 'I saw that coming.' And half of them are completely and totally shocked. Because if you don't have the half that saw it coming, then it wasn't fair: You never gave the audience a chance to guess it.” Damon Lindelof

American television writer, producer, and film screenwriter, most noted as the co-creator of the television series Lost, Lindelof is a native New Jerseyite, born on this date in 1973.  Both praised and criticized for his his writing, he says that that’s exactly what any writer worth his or her salt should hope to achieve.  His ending for the Lost series left some viewers and critics mystified, some angry, and some feeling great.

“I love the 'Lost' ending,” Lindelof said.   “I stand by it, but there are a lot of people out there who hate it.”                                               

Regardless of how it ended, Lost received endless praise for its unique brand of storytelling and strong characters and the show never fell out of the top 30 throughout its six seasons on the air.   His current writing project is the HBO series The Leftovers, based on the Tom Perrotta novel by the same name.

“As cliched as it sounds,” Lindelof said,  “if you have an original voice and an original idea, then no matter what anybody says, you have to find a way to tell that story.”

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