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Monday, May 2, 2016

Well, somebody has to do it!

“Writing a mystery is more difficult than other kinds of books because a mystery has a certain framework that must be superimposed over the story.” Martha Grimes

Grimes is best known for her Richard Jury novels – each named for a pub and featuring Scotland Yard Inspector Jury and his friend Melrose Plant, a British aristocrat who has given up his titles.  More than 20 of her 30-plus novels showcase the duo.  And, she said “researching” each novel’s location has been a fun add-on for her work.  “Well,” she said, “The (pub) names are very important.”

For an excellent look at Grimes and her writing process, take a look at the Sarah Fogle-edited book Martha Grimes Walks Into a Pub: Essays on a Writer with a Load of Mischief.

Born on this date in 1931 (in Pittsburgh), Grimes grew up in Western Maryland where she also studied and 
has taught at colleges and universities in conjunction           
with her successful writing career.  Grimes says she has always loved story-telling and putting ideas onto paper.  “I just enjoy telling stories and watching what these characters do – although writing continues to be just as hard as it always was.”

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