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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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I read newpapers voraciously -- not just because I was raised on them and then worked for them for many years, but because I like how they share a part of the fabric of our community, our country and our world each and every day.  And, I find great enjoyment and satisfaction in holding a newspaper in my hands, turning the pages and discovering the next set of articles waiting to be explored and devoured. 

The author Terry Tempest Williams said that after you've read a newspaper you can go back to your own perceptions, your own thoughts and words, and weigh them against all that have been brought together for you in this mini-chronicle of daily events. "I am interested in the kaleidoscope of ideas, how you bring many strands of thought ... and weave them ... as one piece of coherent fabric.  This is the blood work of the writer."

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