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Monday, September 22, 2014

Vacation? Not from writing.

Recently, I was asked if it’s difficult to maintain your writing when you are taking time to “vacation” or go on outings with your family and friends.   It’s true, of course, that when you travel – especially with family – you may not get writing done like would in the privacy of your home or at your computer, desk or whatever place is “your spot to write.”  But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your “vacation” to replenish your writing well. 

A trip of any kind is a terrific time to write down new ideas (so always carry a small notepad.  You don’t need to write down every word – just the gist of what you are thinking).  Traveling and meeting new people or renewing old contacts can (and might be) at the heart of future writing efforts.   Observing people’s traits, mannerisms, speech and interactions with others can become the basis for characters that turn out to be essential to fleshing out your next story.  

The process of writing involves so much more than just putting words onto paper.  So, happy travels… and happy writing! 

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