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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Settings for your scenes

Writing about a place often includes reflection on the structures that are there.  And sometimes they become the focal point of a story because they are so interesting or unusual.  I was reminded of that a couple weeks ago when we stopped in the small prairie town of Julesburg, Colo.  As soon as we drove onto the two-block Main Street, we were greeted by an interesting theater building.  My first comment was, “I’m sure that’s long-closed.”  But as we drove closer it became apparent that first-run movies still were being shown there.  So, I just had to stop and snap a photo of the place. 

Arriving home, I went to historical records to see if I could learn more, and found a 1919 photo that basically shows the theater (called the Hippodrome) – and it looks just as it does yet today. The short write-up said it seated 500 in 1919.  Then I saw a note that said it was recently “updated” and now seats about 175.  Hmmm. 

Anyway, I think if I lived there – both during its century-ago heyday and even now – I would want to go there regularly,  just to say I did.  And, of course, to take notes.  A better setting might be had to find.

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