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Monday, July 18, 2016

Hearing from an American treasure

“Novelists go about the strenuous business of marrying and burying their people, or else they send them to sea, or to Africa, or at the least, out of town. Essayists in their stillness ponder love and death.” Cynthia Ozick

Ozick is one of America’s treasures when it comes to writing both essays and novels.  I was driving Sunday and heard a marvelous interview with this 88-year-old novelist, essayist, and short story writer.   As soon as I got home I tracked          
down the link to the interview to share with readers of this blog.   The interview is about 7 minutes long.  I promise it will be 7 of the best minutes you’ll spend as you listen to the insights and thoughtful discourse from this terrific writer.  And while she “teaches” as she shares, she feels writing really cannot be taught.

“No one can teach writing, but classes may stimulate the urge to write. If you are born a writer, you will inevitably and helplessly write,” she said.  “ A born writer has self-knowledge. Read, read, read. And if you are a fiction writer, don't confine yourself to reading fiction. Every writer is first a wide reader.”

Here is the link to her interview.  Enjoy.

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