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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Going to a world of her own

“I was encouraged to be imaginative and read, and it was a great childhood for a budding writer because I had the time and the freedom to go into a world of my own.” Sarah Waters

Born on this day in 1966, Sarah Waters grew up in Wales and said that while she did read, read, read and eventually become a writer, it wasn’t first on her list of aspirations. “For a long time,” she said, “I wanted to be an archaeologist.” 

She said that she thought she was headed for university at a fairly eearly age, even though no one else in her family had been. “I really enjoyed learning. I remember my mother telling me that I might one day go to university and write a thesis, and explaining what a thesis was; and it seemed a very exciting prospect. I was clearly a bit of a nerd.”             

While she enjoys writing historical fiction, she also likes to shock her readers from time-to-time with some rather graphic details, “keeping them on their toes, so to speak.”  Her most recent book, The Paying Guests, is not only a terrific murder mystery but a detailed study of life in London right after World War I.

“I love research,” Waters said.   “Sometimes I think writing novels is just an excuse to allow myself this leisurely time of getting to know a period and reading its books and watching its films. I see it as a real treat.”

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