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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Practicing a wide daily writing diet

“My cure for writer's block is to step away from the thing I'm stuck on, usually a novel, and write something totally different. Besides fiction, I write poetry, screenplays, essays and journalism. It's usually not the writing itself that I'm stuck on, but the thing I'm trying to write. So I often have four or five things going at once.”  Jess Walter

I like to work on several things simultaneously, so what Walter says resonates with me as a writer.  And, writing this blog, of course, is always a catalyst for getting my writing juices flowing. 

Born on this day in 1965, Walter is the Spokane, Wash.-based author of 6 novels, a collection of short stories, a non-fiction book, and myriad essays and short stories.  To date, his works have been published in 26 countries and translated into 28 languages.

His number one best-seller, the 2013 Beautiful Ruins, has an interesting premise.  It revolves around the people who surround or interact with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during the filming of Cleopatra.   And, of course, everything  fits into the “What If?” category.   
A frequent speaker, too, he says the best advice he can give 
to new writers is to “just do it and don’t worry,” noting that he wrote for 7 years and made a total of $25 before finally breaking through.

“Forget being 'discovered.' All you can do is write,” he added.   “If you write well enough, and are stubborn enough to embrace failure, and if you happen to fall into the narrow categories that the book market recognizes, then you might make a little money.   Otherwise, it's a struggle.  (But) A gorgeous struggle.”

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